(Oдоохондоо) Эзэнгүй Зөгийн Үүр


      Ugluunii tsain deer hajuud suuj taarsan angiin hoyor ohin hoorondoo yariltsaj baina: “Hicheeliin daraa zavtay biz dee, manaid hureed ir. Chatroulette-deye.” Hunii yaria dundaas ni sonsoh durguy l dee. Gehdee terhen hugatsaand chatroulette gej odoo yu baidag yum boloo geed zurvas bodood unguruv (no Freudian nonsense, please). Harin oroi hicheeleesee ireed sursan zangaaraa The New Yorker-iin web ruu ortol Chatroulette-iin talaar Roulette Russian gesen niitlel garch. Medeej ene niitlel “the internet’s latest sensation” Chatroulette-iin talaar bolovch hamgiin sonirholtoy heseg ni anh ene website-iig hiisen Andrey Ternovskiy hemeeh 18 nastay patsan herhen Amerik ruu garch bui tuhai bailaa. Humuus hugjij bui ornuudiin brain drain geed l yariad baidag, getel ene niitlel shig nudend haragdtal bichseniig urid umnu ni unshij baisanguy:

      <<Official talk of modernization and innovation rankles Vladimir [father of Andrey], who supplements his income with work for Russian Souvenirs. “It’s demagoguery,” he says. Recently, he sent a project proposal to Rusnano: no response. “These projects don’t interest them. The Internet doesn’t interest them. If I proposed something else, like cutting down some forest in the Far East, that would instantly interest them. There’s no support from the government. It’s completely absent. And Andrey knows that if he stays here no one will support him. The country doesn’t need people like him.”

Andrey, in turn, feels that he doesn’t need the country, and declares that he does not want to run a Russian company, which might be forced to pay “dirty,” under-the-table salaries to avoid a crushing tax burden, or to deal with extortion from corrupt tax and fire-code inspectors. “My perfect plan is that I don’t ever return to Moscow,” he told me. He would figure out the permanent-visa thing once he got to New York; for now, he was just eager to get out. “I don’t want to come back,” he said. “I want to live in America.”>>

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